Hi, I’m Briggs

I’m socially awkward and have been known to be bad at making first impressions1, nice to meet you.

I’m very much into the subject of computer science, and love to explore the many facets of programming. This website, for example, is self-hosted, self-managed, and self-developed. This makes me a full stack developer, as much as I wish I could divert some of the work to someone else. However, I find doing Computer Science very fulfilling.

My Story

From dealing with my parents’ divorce at the tender age of five, to going to five schools in six years, to getting through a T1D2 diagnosis, to experiencing a disastrous breakup, I’ve been through a lot. Despite this, I have learned to stay strong and to brave whatever proverbial storms I find myself trudging through.

Through it all, two things that have remained constant are my desire to learn, and love of how things work. Once I discovered Computer Science, I was hooked. Computers are fundamentally simple yet actually complex, so, naturally, when, a few years ago, I started programming, I went above and beyond. I have never taken a Computer Science course that I didn’t exceed the requirements for, whether I do that by just doing more work on assignments, or bypassing the curriculum entirely (as I am now), I always find a way to get as much as I can out of the time I’m given. Even this essay inspired me to make an entire new function on my website, just because I felt like I could.

Programming Experience

I started programming shortly before high school. My first programming language was Python, though now I rarely work in the language. I did some programming until my sophomore year, when I started taking Computer Science. It was there I started to learn Java, which I would continue to do until the next year. “Is this all there is,” I would wonder, and as it turned out, no, it was not.

At that point I, while still learning Java, as I wanted to learn more there too, started teaching myself C. That language introduced me to the whole rest of programming, and after learning it I taught myself a few3 other languages. I did this because fundamentally, it’s a part of who I am, so much so that I feel as if I have to learn them. I go above and beyond because I usually find myself driven in many subjects by curiosity to teach myself even more, after I’ve already mastered the prescribed coursework.

I am fairly adept at most of the languages I know, but that is only because I love them all4; that is because I have a fondness for the concept of programming. I genuinely want as many people as possible to enter the field, since I think more people should like it like I do. I find programming to be an essential skill in my life, and I imagine as time goes by it will only be more so. This is why I usually end up taking it upon myself to try to tutor others if I can.

What About Now?

Right now I’m working on a brand new project: a video game. It’s a simple idea, but has nevertheless been challenging (but by no means disconcertingly so) to implement. I try my best to make the program as idiomatic as I’m able, and push myself to be even more immersed in what “real programmers” are doing.

I look forward to the future, and can’t wait to do even more programming, and whatever else is in store for me.

In conclusion,

int main() {
  printf("Goodbye, for now!\n");
  return 0;

  1. Or at least I used to be.↩︎

  2. Type-One Diabetes↩︎

  3. About 30 or so.↩︎

  4. Okay, maybe not all of them.↩︎